Aland Islands 2

We have only managed to get to two places since the beginning of the week and are planning on heading back to Sweden tomorrow as the weather is deteriorating from Monday and we don’t know when we will next get the chance of a reasonable crossing. We will definitely be back next year though, the […]

Aland Islands

We are now in Mariehamn which is the main town on the Aland Islands, in theory we are in Finland.  The islands are an autonomous Finnish territory, they speak Swedish but the currency is the Euro, as it is in Finland, and the time has changed by an hour.  The flag is also not the […]


We have been in Stockholm since Monday, Catherine and Adem returned home today and we plan to move on tomorrow. Last time we posted we were in Nymshamen, which was a pleasant town, this is the marina, still fairly empty and this is the view towards town with the Church being refurbished.  The view to […]

Buoys and the Navy

We’ve been lucky and managed to pick up a buoy five times last week and once so far this week, the settings have been idyllic as we still have high temperatures and constant sunshine.  I can’t help feeling that I’m tempting fate by saying that!   Below is a selection of the idyll, apologies if it’s […]

Familiar Faces

It’s been a strange week, we keep seeing the same boats and more English boats than we ever did last year. We moved on from Hano last Monday and motored to the nearby island of Tarno, We’re yet to have a proper sail to anywhere, either no wind or it’s against us.  Tarno was a […]

Napoleonic wars and Cats

We stayed in Ystad for a couple of days, the predicted winds didn’t turn up on the Friday but we set off anyway.  Thursday had been a quiet day as everything shuts for Ascension Day. Fortunately we had been to the Chandlers on Wednesday to buy more charts, it was a fascinating place, selling second hand […]

In Sweden

We are now on the south coast of Sweden in a lovely town called Ystad enjoying the glorious sunshine.  Last time we posted we still had jobs to finish on the boat. in particular Martin had the headlining to do in the front cabin.  This was how it looked before he started and the back […]

Back Cruising

We are back in Burgtief on the island of Fehmarn.  We left last Monday on the 11 p.m. ferry from Harwich arriving here about 5 p.m. on the Tuesday.  On the way to Harwich we called in at Wolverstone and Shotley, just to remind ourselves how much we miss the east coast.  For those of […]

Back home

The boat was lifted out yesterday and we are currently staying in an apartment whilst Martin finishes all the out of water jobs for the winter. We catch the ferry home tomorrow evening. Last time we posted we were leaving Flensburg, from there we anchored at the mouth of the estuary overnight and then sailed […]


We are now back in Germany, currently in Flensburg which is the most northerly city in Germany. Last time we posted on the blog we were on Agerso, a small island.  Before we left on the 26th, there was a wedding party clambering over the rocks around the harbour for photos, not as easy as it […]