WiFi Availability in 2016

This pages gives a summary of our experiences with obtaining broadband on our cruise. For details of the equipment we use please see this page. These results are certainly not conclusive but do represent our experience at the locations. For more details on each location check our track.
Liz has a subscription to ‘The Times’ newspaper, so internet access is important.

Location, Provider Coverage Speed Reliability Pass Length Ease of Use Speed Down Mbps Speed Up Mbps Comments
Ramsgate Marina Good Average Variable or poor Unlimited OK not tested not tested
Dunkerque Port du Grand Large Average Average Average 24hr OK not tested not tested
Zeebrugge Average Average Poor 24hr poor not tested not tested
Breskens Good Good Good Unlimited Good 3.13(4.65) 0.79(1.0)
Mosselplaat on Veerse Meer, KPN Poor Low Good None – Free Easy 300k low
Delta Marina at Kortgene Good Good Good 7 Days Easy 4.85 1.94
Wemeldinge, WiFi Zeeland Gratis Average Low OK None – Free Easy 0.96 0.87
Yerseke, KPN Good Good Good None – Free Easy 4.08 1.05
Zierikzee, Jachthaven Zierikzee Good Very Good Excellent None – Free Easy 14.18 13.05 Moored close to office
Mosselbank, WiFi Zeeland Gratis Good Low OK None – Free Easy 0.58 0.26 1.5k from land
Benedenadas none tested There was WiFi available for €2.5 per day, but we did not test
Willemstad Good Good Good per day Easy 20.48 13.28
WSV Maartensgat, Dordrecht Good Good Good None – Free Easy 10.94 5.21 see comments below about normal usage
WV Gouda Good Average Good None – Free Easy 11.78 0.88
Oude Wetering none  - - - - none available
Kempers Marina, Leimuiden Good Good Good None – Free Easy 5.52 0.46
Haarlem none  - - - - none available
Amsterdam Marina Amsterdam Average Good None – Free Easy 2.08 1.47
Volendam Good Poor Good With Berth fee Easy 1.15 0.4 Also free via KPN
Town Quay, Hoorn Good Poor Good With Berth fee Easy 1.38 1.2
Town Quay, Enkhuizen Very Poor Variable Very Poor None – Free Frustrating 1.35 0.12 Often less than quoted speed
Jachthaven Iselmar, Lemmer Good Good Good None – Free Easy 4.29 2.4
Marina Stavoren Good Good See comment None – Free Easy 6.88 9.58 WiFi was not working on arrival, OK following morning
Lorentzsluizen none - - - - none available
Harlingen none - - - - none available
Franeker none - - - - none available
Leeuwarden none - - - - none available
Dokrum none - - - - none available
Garnwerd aan Zee Good Average Good None – Free Easy 1.5 0.51
Jachthaven Reitdiep Good Good Good With Berth fee Easy 4.72 6.21
Lauwersoog Average Poor Poor None – Free Easy 2.19 0.95
Borkum Poor Poor Only available around cafe
Cuxhaven Good Average With Berth fee Easy 1.69 0.28
Brunsbuttel none - - - - none available
Gieselan Canal none - - - - none available
Rendsburg Good Good Good None – Free Easy 16.73 4.08 Connection is limited, so can't watch the F1
Yachthaven Strande Good Poor Good With Berth fee Easy 2.2 0.74
Yachthaven Burgstaaken Good Good Average None – Free Easy 5.27 1.54
Enehoje none - - - - none available
Nakskov Average Average Good With Berth fee Easy 2.25 0.72 Would not work with Router
Bagenkop Good Good Good With Berth fee Easy 5.65 1.52
Ærøskøbing Good Average Good None – Free Easy 2.82 0.37 Moored outside of harbour
Avernakø none - - - - none available
Fåborg none - - - - Wifi was broken at time of our visit
Lyø none - - - - none available
Kalvø none - - - - none available
Assens Good Good Good With Berth fee Easy 12.61 15.23
Gamborg Fjord none - - - - none available
Prins Frederiks Grund none - - - - none available
Sandberg Vig Poor Poor Average None – Free Easy Weak but usable from free mooring buoy in bay near Juelsminde Haven
Juelsminde Haven Average Average Average None – Free Easy 1.92/7.02 8.12/12.7 Speed varied a lot, download lower than upload which is unusual
Korshavn none - - - - none available
Kalundborg Fjord none - - - - none available
Kalundborg Havn none - - - - none available Visit local supermarket for wifi
Reersø none - - - - none available Managed to connect to marina from anchorage
Nyborg Average Poor Good With Berth fee Easy 0.79 3.88
Agersø Good Good Good With Berth fee Easy 24.89 32.74 Very good on a small island
Knudshoved none - - - - none available
Tærø none - - - - none available
Rodvig Fiskenhaven none - - - - Free WiFi in adjacent marina
Kastrup Lystbådeha Poor Good Poor With Berth fee Frustrating Too poor to test
Helsingø Good Good Good None – Free Easy 11.15 1.63
Wilders Plans, Kopenhavn Average Good Good With beer from restaurant Easy 3.02 4.99 From local restaurant
Wilders Plans, Kopenhavn Poor Poor Good With Berth fee Easy 0.46 1.22 Berth supplied WiFi after boat move
Kastrup Lystbådeha Poor Average Poor With Berth fee Frustrating Too poor to test
Hundige Havn Good Good Good None – Free Easy 6.57 0.89
Rødvig Lystbådehavn Average Average Good None – Free Easy 3.72 0.49
Kragnæs Marina Good Good Good With Berth fee Easy 8.85 1.12
Burgtiefe Good Average Good None – Free Easy 2.32 0.53

Comments in more detail

Speed tests are done with www.speedtest.net

Ramsgate Marina – browse for Ramsgate Marina hotspots, they are obvious, all seem to work with the same password although we were given a specific one to use.  We have recurring issues with the DNS resolution, on all the SSID’s, pages were not found then after a few retries it would appear. This may have been due to high loading as although coverage is OK throughput is average to poor

Dunkerque Port du Grand Large – 24hr pass issue when paying for berth, acceptable range and thoughput

Zeebrugge – We had poor coverage last year, just did not work some times. This year was better but still not brilliant, really got fed up with constant prompt to re authenticate with the codes given. Wonder why we were give two..

Breskens – No issues what so ever. First time connection with provided credentials. Speed OK. An update on the Monday after a public holiday weekend, see figures in brackets. Masterchef streamed perfectly 🙂

Mosselpatt – a small island Near Veere. we were moored on one of the small visitor pontoon on a small island in the middle of Veerse Meer and were amazed to discover free wifi available, no login just free. All provided by KPN. It is not fast by any measure, but certainly enough to update email and blogs and basic internet browsing.

Delta Marina in Kortgene – A professional marina, so what would you expect. A seven day pass provided all included in the mooring price, we could have had two passes if we wished. Not a cheap marina though at €52.34 for two days.

Wemeldinge, Oosterschelde – provided by Wifi Zeeland, an initiative of DELTA NV, Province of Zeeland and Zeeland Delta Promotion. WiFi Zealand is provided by ISP ZeelandNet. With WiFi Zealand you can surf for free with a web speed of 1 Mbps. Faster speeds, 4 Mbps, is available for a fee, for example €10 for 24 hours. I missed the Spanish GP today thanks to poor wifi at Wemeldinge 🙁

Yerseke – back with KPN but much stronger signal. Sky and BBC TV work 🙂
We were in Goes today and WiFi from ‘WiFi Zeeland Gratis‘ was widely available. Not high speed but removes the need for 3G

Mosselbank on Grevelingenmeer. – Another small island with free wifi, this time from WiFi Zeeland as in Wemeldinge with similar performance.

Benedenasas – As small harbour that did have WiFi available at €2.5 per day, we were only there for a night and didn’t get time to test

Willemsad – Beautiful location with good WiFi, free with the mooring fee at €20.65 per day

WSV Maartensgat in Dordrecht – Good location, we were need the opening bridge so about as far away from the office as is possible, speed still good though. There was a request on the invoice not to make excessive bandwidth demands, i.e. streaming.

WV Gouda – Small marina with friendly service and good WiFi

Oude Wetering – Public mooring at side of canal, no public WiFi availablw

Kempers Watersport Marina, Leimuiden – We were about as far away from the office as possible, but WiFi was still very usable

Haarlem, we were on the town quay and there was no free WiFi available

Amsterdam Marina. Not superfast, but free and usable. We were at the far end of the marina away from the office.

Volendam. Town quay , not superfast, but free and usable

Hoorn. Town quay , not superfast, but free and usable

Enkhuizen, Town Quay, very poor, unusable mostly

Lemmer, Jachthaven Iselmar, very good, included with mooring

Stavoren, Marina Stavoren, inside lock, very good but it did not work at all when we arrived Sunday afternoon. WiFi was visible but no connection possible. Working at 0900 the following morning, then very good.

Lorentzsluizen,none available.

Harlingen,none available.

Franeker,none available.

Leeuwarden,none available.

Dokrum,none available.

Garnwerd aan Zee, provided by marina/restaurant.

Jachthaven Reitdiep, provided by the marina, we were quite close in on the sparsely populated marina.

Lauwersoog, free but unstable connection

Borkum, available only around cafe, but free. We did manage to connect occasionally from the boat, but only when the tide was in

Cuxhaven, Good coverage as supplied by the marina

Brunsbuttel, none available at the mooring by the locks

Gieselan Canal, none available

Rendsburg, good connection from our external antenna. I was not able to connect to my home VPN so unable to watch the F1.

Yachthaven Strande, stable connection but speed a little low.

Yachthaven Burgstaaken, mostly stable connection and good speed. We were on the end berth furthest from land

Enehoje, none available

Nakskov, with Berth fee, would not work with Router but didn’t spend time investigating

Bagenkop, with Berth fee, generic account in expensive marina

Ærøskøbing, free access when moored outside of harbour. This is the first free access we have found in Denmark

Avernakø, none available

Fåborg, none, Wifi was broken at time of our visit

Lyø, none available

Kalvø, none available

Assens, with berth fee, good service

Gamborg Fjord, none available

Prins Frederiks Grund, none available

Sandberg Vig, on a free mooring buoy in the bay about a half mile from Juelsminde Havn, not fast but ok for email, weather etc.

Juelsminde Haven, Speed varied a lot, the download speed was lower than upload which is unusual

Korshavn, none available

Kalundborg Fjord, none available

Kalundborg Havn, none available, but we did visit local supermarket for wifi

Reersø, none available but we did just manage to connect to marina from our anchorage

Nyborg, Average, another where the download speed was lower than upload

Agersø, excellent coverage and speed in a small marina/harbour

Knudshoved, none available

TÆrø, none available

Rodvig Fiskenhaven, none though free WiFi in adjacent marina

Kastrup Lystbådeha, poor with eratic availability

Helsingø, good coverage in large marina

Wilders Plans in Kopenhavn, some coverage near marina office, also with beer from local  restaurant

Kastrup Lystbådeha, Poor coverage in large marina.

Hundige Havn, good coverage and speed

Kragnæs Marina, good coverage and speed

Burgtiefe Marina, good coverage, speed OK, no password