Berthing Charges 2016

This pages gives a review of berthing charges during the first year of our cruise

Since 1st April 2016, we have had 26 free days and paid for 103 days. That does include the first 30 days at Ipswich Marina, so actually on our cruise it really is 26 free and 73 paid.

Date Location   Berth per Day (£) WiFi Electric
01-Apr Ipswich Haven UK 14.13 incl incl
30-Apr Woolverstone UK 31.00 incl incl
01-May River Orwell UK 0.00 n/a n/a
03-May Ramsgate UK 29.60 incl incl
06-May Dunkerque FR 19.55 incl incl
07-May Zeebrugge BE 21.12 incl incl
08-May Breskens NL 18.13 incl €1 coins
12-May Kortgene NL 20.94 incl incl
15-May Wemeldinge NL 17.36 incl incl
16-May Yerseke NL 15.04 incl incl
19-May Zierikzee NL 16.82 incl €1 coins
21-May Mosselbank NL 0.00 free none
25-May Brouwershaven NL 12.82 not used not used
26-May Benedensas NL 8.80 not used not used
27-May Willemstad NL 16.53 incl incl
30-May WSV Maartensgat NL 10.00 incl incl
01-Jun WV Gouda NL 10.80 incl not used
03-Jun Free Mooring NL 0.00 0.00 incl
04-Jun Kempers Marina NL 10.80 incl Token
05-Jun Anchor NL 0.00 none none
06-Jun Free Mooring NL 0.00 none none
07-Jun Haarlem NL 9.60 none none
09-Jun Amsterdam Marina NL 20.00 none none
13-Jun Volendam NL 13.20 incl incl
15-Jun Hoorne NL 14.00 incl incl
16-Jun Enkhuizen NL 14.21 none meter
18-Jun Lemmer NL 15.60 incl incl
19-Jun Stavoren NL 16.16 incl incl
21-Jun Binneaven NL 0.00 none none
22-Jun Franeker NL 8.80 none free
23-Jun Leeuwarden NL 9.20 none meter
24-Jun Dokrum NL 0.00 free free
25-Jun Garnwerd NL 14.78 incl 2.00
27-Jun Jachthaven Reitdiep NL 12.96 free 0.50
28-Jun Lauwersoog NL 17.39 free 0.50
30-Jun Burkana Hafen DE 14.78 free incl
04-Jul Cuxhaven DE 17.39 incl incl
07-Jul Yachthaven DE 8.70 none none
08-Jul Gieselan Canal DE 0.00 none none
09-Jul Rendsburg DE 12.61 free 1.50
12-Jul Yachthaven Strande DE 11.74 free incl
17-Jul Yachthaven Burgstraaken DE 13.48 free 1.50
19-Jul Enhoje DK 0.00 none none
21-Jul Nakskov DK 17.42 incl incl
22-Jul Enhoje DK 0.00 none none
24-Jul Bagenkop DK 20.22 incl incl
25-Jul Aero DK 0.00 none none
26-Jul ÆrØskØbing DK 0.00 free none
28-Jul AvernakØ DK 0.00 none none
29-Jul Fåborg DK 16.29 none none
30-Jul LyØ DK 0.00 none none
31-Jul KalvØ DK 0.00 none none
01-Aug KalvØ DK 0.00 none none
03-Aug Assens DK 15.73 incl incl
05-Aug Gamborg Fjord DK 0.00 none none
06-Aug Prins Frederiks Grund DK 0.00 none none
07-Aug Sandbjerg Vig DK 0.00 free none
08-Aug Juelsminde Havn DK 16.85 incl 0.00