First Owners

In August 2017 we had a welcome email from Anne Wieland, the first owner of Two Plus Two, with some interesting historical background.

Anne and her family bought ‘Two Plus Two’ new and had her for five years. They were then new to sailing and had booked a weeks holiday from Gibraltar with their two sons and a paid skipper called Tony who ran sailing holidays and sold Westerly yachts. They enjoyed the holiday and with their twelve and thirteen year old sons decided it would be a great way to spend holidays.

Before the end of the week the wheels were in motion to buy a new Westerly, Tony was a good salesman! After the holiday they returned home and immediately enrolled at night school for a Yacht Master Theory course. Anne’s husband Doug also did a VHF course.

Anne and Doug bought the boat for themselves and their two sons, hence the name Two Plus Two.

The plan was for Doug to sail Two Plus Two to Gibraltar with a skipper and paying crew, this was to be a learning cruise for him and Anne was to meet him there for further tuition with the skipper.. Unfortunately Doug was unable to go, so Two Plus Two went with just skipper and paying crew. Anne and Doug flew out several weeks later and spent a week practising (without skipper) what they had learnt at night school. After the initial “what have we done?” they settled in and although it was a very steep learning curve they enjoyed their new adventure.

The following years thoroughly enjoyed by the family of four, Anne said ‘they had some great holidays but as their boys grew up and when they approached fifteen and sixteen, the novelty of holidaying with parents within the close confines of a boat lost it’s appeal. (Ironically when they were nearing their twenties, they wished that we still had her! Holidaying and sailing in the sun with friends sounded a great idea.)’.

Doug and Anne continued to go to Spain and sail, but they too had started to feel that maybe they should move on. Their last week on Two Plus Two was with friends for Anne’s 40th birthday.

They were originally berthed in Gibraltar but then moved her to Duquesa after a couple of years.

Anne and Doug found out about our blog from their younger son Phil, who is now forty four! He was on holiday in Portugal and with time on his hands decided to look up Two Plus Two. Previously, when he was holidaying in Ibiza about twenty years ago, he visited a marina and much to his amazement Two Plus Two was there and he had a chat to the then owners.