A week in Germany

We have been to Fehmarn, launched the boat, set it up, everything out of the car and then we did exactly the reverse.

Unfortunately Liz has had problems recently because of two compressed discs in her spine which are trapping her sciatic nerve,  we had hoped that she would be able to manage but it was too much so we made the decision to come home.  Hopefully if it can be sorted before the end of summer and we can go back out.

Here is the boat last Saturday being taken out of the shed ready for the launch.

The sheds are enormous, this one has been emptied already and turned into a Go Kart track.

Following pictures are of the boat going into the water.

We only got as far as Burgtief, the marina in the same harbour as this one at Burgstakken.  The following are of the boat a few days later coming out of the water.

Back to the shed.

We hope you all have a good summer and look forward to hearing what you’ve been up to.


  1. Oh no – we’re so sorry to hear that Liz is suffering and you’ve had to abandon your trip. If you feel like a bit of r&r by the sea and Liz is up to the journey come and stay. X

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