Back in Germany

We stayed in Malmo for a week whilst we were waiting for Catherine and Adem to arrive in Copenhagen because it has excellent facilities and we like the town.  On the Saturday we took the train to Copenhagen, we wanted to go over the bridge that connects the two towns rather than always sailing under it.  It was a very good view.

Another day we visited Malmo Castle,

which was very interesting.  For our four Kroner entry we had an Aquarium, inside the Castle and a Science museum.  The castle is now only one wall, the other three have been rebuilt, this is the view from the courtyard of the original.

More detail here.

At the entrance there was this Swedish white bus

The buses were used for an operation undertaken by the Swedish Red Cross and the Danish government in the spring of 1945 to rescue Scandinavian concentration camp inmates in areas under Nazi control and transport them to Sweden, a neutral country.  This is a Danish link to more information about the operation.

The science museum was very interesting, as well as planes and cars they had a submarine that you could go on, this was a loo from the submarine,

and these were the operating instructions, which makes using a boat loo seem simple.

From Malmo we went to the island of Flakfortet, one of three islands created as a defence for Copenhagen.  It was completely man made and there was a moat all the way around the island.  These are views of some of the old defences.

This was the moat, there was an artificial barrier at one end so that you couldn’t sail all the way round, but there were mooring rings and the depth was 2 metres at the island edge.  I imagine in summer that the moat is used.

This was the island entrance with our boat moored on the left, by the end of the day it was full of boats alongside.

This was the view of the island as we left, it’s not big.

This view is looking towards Copenhagen which as you approach it is industrial

In Copenhagen we moored in Christianhaven at Wilders Plat, where we’ve moored for the last three years.  Everything is within easy walking distance.  this is the bridge that opens on the hour

at the entrance, some rowers on the canal

they have their oars up because one of the trip boats was behind them.

We love being part of the tourist attraction, although this couple seemed very enthusiastic to have seen us.

View from the back of the boat when it was relatively quiet looking towards the bridge.

From Copenhagen we sailed to Rodvig which turned into an unpleasant swell half way across the bay so we were pleased to be in, no pictures, this is the fourth time we have been there and is a good stopover.  From here another long day down to Haesnas, our first stop on the journey out in May

Just us and two other boats.

Because the weather forecast was for stronger winds yesterday and rain today, we did another long day to reach Fehmarn on Wednesday.  We are now in Burgtief packing up the boat, slightly busier than Haesnas.

Catherine and Adem, our enthusiastic Copenhagen tourists, left this morning for a weekend in Hamburg.  We are booked for a lift out on Tuesday and will be home next Friday.  Thank you to all who have commented over the summer.  We are looking forward to catching up with as many of you as we can over the next few months.



  1. Well done, both of you. So pleased that you have had another successful Baltic season. We look forward to seeing you when you are back.

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