Last stops in Sweden

From the island of Hano we travelled to Ahus, which was a river mooring.  This is the view towards the entrance.

We moored on the town side but there was a ferry that went between the two banks,

I think calling itself a ferry line seems a bit ambitious.  We could tell from the decorations in the opposite restaurant that there was going to be some kind of event on that evening, turned out to be a wedding where they all arrived by boat.



and the Bride.  I thought it was very brave of them.  I don’t know if this is normal in Sweden but at the start of the event, the Bride and Groom stood together, surrounded by guests, while a singer sang two songs directly to them, can’t remember what they were now but they were classics about supporting each other.  They were English/American ballads but we were surprised that she actually sang them in English.

We had intended to spend a couple of days here but when we went out Sunday morning we saw the notice about the firing practice, which for August was due to start on the Monday and last all week, so we hastily got back to the boat and set off.  To miss the firing range is quite a big detour and they will fine you for being in the area.  Never mind the fact that we heard the firing next day so we could have been a target.

We arrived in Simrishamn where we have been before.  This time we noticed these, which we hadn’t spotted last time, they were on a lot of the street furniture.

This is a typical very attractive street,

detail of the painting on the left edge of this street.

We thought this sign was quite good, sorry for the blurriness.

From here we went to Kaseberga which was a delightful little harbour, view from the boat

and view from the hill looking down, at the time we were the only boat on the harbour wall..

Very touristy because of the Ales Stenar which is Sweden’s largest stone ship.  There are 59 granite blocks placed in the form of a 67 metre long and 19 metre wide ship.

This is a view from the side which maybe gives a better idea of scale

It is thought that they were placed here by the Vikings around 800 – 1500 AD.  They were very interesting and you can see them quite clearly from the sea.  More information if you’re interested

On the breakwater by our boat there was this stone

which we both thought resembled a fish.

The cliffs around here are popular with paragliders and we were lucky to see one when leaving on Wednesday.

From here we went to Ystad where we’d been before and then on to Hollviken which is at the end of the southern coast of Sweden, the Falsterbo canal saves having to go all the way round the south end.

The bridge opens hourly and we were lucky to have timed the journey with five minutes to spare.

There is a marina on the left hand side as you go through the bridge and we stayed there for the night.

We are now in Malmo, which we visited last year, only two berths away from the previous one, so the view is the same

We plan to spend a few days here as it is a nice town and the facilities are very good.  We are looking forward to Catherine and Adem arriving  in Copenhagen on Saturday when we will start the journey back to Fehmarn.  It is just sixteen miles between here and Kastrup, the marina by the airport, so can choose the day we go across to Denmark.





  1. You really seem to be having a thorough explore of the coastline. Thank you for sharing with us. I hope the wedding guests were not too merry going back !! The art work, cleanliness and open spaces just so appeal. Enjoy the rest of your time there – lucky you.

  2. You two should write a book about your travels – so interesting and some many lovely photos. Have fun with Catherine & Adam x

  3. Hi Carol been given clearance to il so attended the WOA rally at Ipswich maritime festival very noisy. Had daytime fireworks that exploded in colour powders which the wind was away from us as we understand boats downwind got covered in dye that won’t come off.
    Then spent 3 days at Orford 1 in Butley now Walton backwaters off to Pyefleet then Heybridge.
    Hope the weather holds out to middle of Sept before we have to pack up.
    Hope to see you at the AGM.

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