Islands and the mainland

Although we’ve mostly been in marinas for the past fortnight we have struggled to get WIFI so this is a slightly longer post than usual.

Last time we posted we were in Oskarshamn, this is a view of the town from the boat,

and this of the marina

as we were leaving, it was quite a small marina.  Although they did seem to have a big Coastguard base with three ships on one side

and more on the other.

From here we picked up an SXK buoy that we had been to before, this is the view looking towards an island called Blue Maiden.

It is an uninhabited island midway between the mainland and the island of Oland.  There are two large islands off the east coast of Sweden, Gotland which is the largest and further north and Oland which is long and thin.  From the SXK buoy we sailed across the channel to Sandvik on Oland.  We saw this tall ship on the way across.

Sandvik was the first of three ports we went to on Oland.  It was a small and relatively empty harbour.

Very touristy though, this was the windmill,

with some plastic cows outside.

We had a lovely surprise here when Blue Orchid, another Westerly turned up.  We had met them twice before so had an excellent evening catching up.  They were on their way home, they keep the boat in Blyth and cross the North Sea each year, much braver than us.

We stayed on Oland and sailed down to Borgholm, again touristy, this Morris minor

was advertising this café.

There were the usual seaside shops,

and toy train.

Although away from the main street everywhere else was very quite, with the usual attractive houses.

There are two castles near Borghom, one is a ruin and the other is the Solliden royal summer palace, where as the name suggests the Swedish royal family spend their summer.  We had a very pleasant walk through a nature reserve to the castle ruin, at the end of this path there is a sign that says it’s 250m to the castle.

What it didn’t say was that was 250m vertically, anyway we made it and there were some beautiful views of the channel between the island and the mainland on the way up.  This was the castle close to

and this was the start of the 250m descent.

This was the view from the castle grounds towards the marina.

On Tuesday we sailed back to the mainland and Kalmar, where we’d been before.  There were plenty of older cars around,

they didn’t seem to be out together just a coincidence that they’d parked across the road from the boat.  We only spent the night as we had toured the castle last time.

So we sailed back to Oland, this time to Morbylanga and a fairly empty harbour, we were so impressed I have no photos of it.

Back to the mainland and this time Bergkvara.  We spent four nights here because of the terrible weather and it wasn’t an ideal spot, no WIFI, shops were 4km away.  We did have a good view over the harbour wall though.

Main excitement was this barge being tugged in with wind farm blades on

We walked round to where it was moored,

there was nothing there just a bit of concrete with the equipment on.  The size of the crane when it was up was huge

We had thunderstorms here, good location with the uninterrupted view of the sea, hailstones were included.

We travelled south from here to Karlskrona, a naval town that we had been to before.  We have had problems with the toilet which is not good on a boat, so we wanted to be in a marina with easy access to loos and a chandlery while Martin fixed it, which he did.  The same coastguard was here as last time. it looked as though it hadn’t moved

I like Karlsokrona there’s always something going on, there were less naval ships around than last time though.  This one in their dockyard looked strange,

as though it has a large cylinder on top.  Going out we were passed by this ship

and the helicopter very kindly put on a display for us,

we didn’t get a picture but a bit later it lowered someone onto the deck, we guess they were just practising.

From Karlskrona we went to the island of Utklippan which is an isolated collection of islands 12 miles offshore.

The harbour on the north island was created in the thirties and forties in order to provide local fishermen with an emergency harbour.  This was on the sign about the island.

When we got there it was fairly quiet

and we had expected it to stay like that, this was it later

with boats rafted out, we thought we had managed to escape, but this Finnish boat arrived at 8 and rafted against us.  Charming Finnish couple on board.

There were two entrances to the islands, this one and the one to the east which most boats came in by but looked tricky.

To get to the south island you had to dinghy across and for those without one, the harbour had provided some

although the harbour master had treated himself to something a bit fancier.

This was a view of the south island,

only a coffee shop was open and that sold just that.  We did go across in our own dinghy, the landing stage wobbled and sank as you stepped on to it, wonderful experience.  Someone had taken the time to do this with stones.

There was a boat from New Zealand in, I hadn’t realised before how close to our ensign theirs is.

We moved on back to the mainland where we picked up an SXK buoy last night which will most probably be the last one this year as there aren’t any on the south of Sweden.  Too many jellyfish to swim.  Lovely little spot, this was the view towards the mainland

and this towards the island,

all the boats lined up as transport between the two.  We are now on Hano, an island we have been to before, but they have good WIFI.  It’s a lovely spot, all the photos are on the blog done on the 13th May.  It’s crowded though, Germans not Swedes are now out.









  1. Sounds like you are still having a brilliant time.
    the weather is a much needed few degrees cooler here and we have at last seen some much needed rain.
    You will be back hopefully just after the Grey Horse re opens, When Tina and Daz left it was run very badly for about a month then closed following nearly all customers deserting the pub, so we have had no quizzes there for about 6 weeks. And been using The Lord Nelson at Besthorpe, good quiz. we have also found a brilliant unusual quiz at North Scarle every 2 weeks and very friendly it was there too

    Looking forward to seeing you when you return

    Marg and John

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