We have spent only three of the last eleven nights in a marina, unfortunately it’s very difficult to take interesting pictures of the same old rocks and trees.  Although for us every location is unique and beautiful.  This picture was taken on the way to our first stop on the 22nd,

it’s not a real swan tied to a buoy, in case you were worried.  That night was our favourite option, an SXK buoy.

Next night we stopped in the same group of islands, first on an anchor and second night on a buoy.  The normal view of boats tied up to rocks is this

but this time there was also a larger boat there, almost camouflaged.

Next night we anchored off an island called Smago.

Thursday was our wedding anniversary and we arrived in Vastervik.  Fortunately there was a restaurant just by the marina so we went for lunch.

Apparently it had only been open for a couple of months and what we didn’t know till we got there was owned by Bjorn from Abba who also has some ownership in the marina.  More information here if you want it. He is from Vastervik, perfect timing with the new Mama Mia film out.  I managed to get my hair cut in town and the hairdresser was telling me there was a big fuss because the world premiere was Wednesday but they had it in town on the Tuesday.  I bet that little snippet wasn’t in the UK papers.

I guess this was also newly added as it was just next door

interesting whatever it’s supposed to be.

Some pictures of the town,

flags out,

even this mixed in with the local cafes.

The marina was hosting a rally for the Storebro cruising club, forty boats in all, this is just a sample

Made us miss our Westerly rallies.  This was the view from our mooring of the entrance.

You have to imagine when the motor boats arrived, they all turned up at once but were only called into the marina every fifteen minutes or so.  It was like an armada out  there, the one time you need your camera we hadn’t taken it as we were going for lunch, but could see it all from our table. On the Friday morning they had a dinghy meet on the rocks outside the harbour.

On the Friday night they had a dinner and everyone wore white, don’t know if it’s a Swedish thing or just particular to their club.

It was a nice marina, the larger pontoons had these on.

There was a lad in a dinghy as you came in directing you to a berth,

which we’ve only ever seen in France before, and there was a boat came round in the morning to collect your rubbish.

We moved on gratefully on  Sunday morning having had the boat from hell turn up Saturday afternoon, biggish motorboat, three youths, loud music. It took the Swedish man the other side of them to eventually get them to shut up.  Very rare to get problems like this, most people are considerate of everyone else.

Sunday evening was an anchorage,

with a few other boats and then we managed SXK buoys for the next two nights, this was the view on Tuesday night.

This was the view looking the other way, the buoy was just outside a small marina.

The benefit here being that Martin could dinghy ashore to get rid of rubbish and come back with ice creams.  Perfect.

Last night we were at anchor again and tonight we are in Oskarshamn, another marina.  We have already noticed how there are less boats on passage since Monday and this marina is nearly empty with the harbourmaster not turning up till seven tonight.  It’s quite a marked difference from July to August.  They had most of the harbour closed off when we arrived, red barrier across 90% of it and a coastguard directing us where to go.

There is a notice on the harbourmaster’s door saying the harbour had been shut between 5 and 9 this morning whilst a large ship was towed in.

I know you have the hot weather as well but we are starting to find it too much.  Thirty Six degrees yesterday, we’ve never swum so much off the boat, at least we have that benefit when not in a marina.


  1. It all sounds lovely Liz . Just remember all too soon it will be too cold to swim so make the most of it . I bet you have an amazing tan . Everywhere you go looks and sounds really interesting . I look forward to reading about your travels. Take care.

  2. I agree with Lyn. Everywhere looks so clean and tidy and no rubbish. I envy you all the swims! I think we will need them this week end again! Carry on enjoying!

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