A quiet week


We’ve managed to pick up four buoys and anchor once again this week.  Much nicer than being in a marina.  For those who haven’t seen one, this is an SXK buoy,

always blue.

This is the view from the buoy we picked up Saturday, same old rocks and trees.

We had one other boat join us and they tied up to the rocks.  They swam naked as a lot do over here and we’re well used to that by now but when they got back on the boat they cleaned it in the nude as well, first for us that one.

Sunday we set off but decided we’d liked the isolation of that buoy so were back there within an hour. This was the sunset that evening.

Monday another buoy but a different landscape for a change and

for the first time I went swimming off the back of the boat, the water temperature was 25 degrees.  I’ll be doing more of that, we have the same hot weather as you and next week it’s forecast to be 33 degrees with no wind.

Tuesday we anchored in a very busy bay,

as you can see the two SXK buoys were already taken.  There were quite a few of these birds,

we managed to capture three on this photo but there were lots more.

On passage next day someone had got very close to this buoy to stick a Swedish flag on top

and this was by a group of houses.

Another day, another buoy,

there were six SXK buoys here and then all the other ones close to the shore, we were here in May on our way north and there were only two of us that evening.

We are now in Valdemarsvik where we are staying for three nights, mainly because it is not only cheap but you get the third night free,  it’s something like £9 a night.  Also the showers are individual cubicles rather than the communal showers that we hate.

It was an eight mile sail off the main route to get here so it’s not busy but the trip was beautiful, this is the view from the marina looking back.

I’ve included this second view because it has a Westerly Centaur in and we don’t see many over here.

The other advantage here is the supermarket may not look attractive from the back but it is very close to the marina.

Tomorrow we are off again, hoping for the same mix of buoys and anchors for the week.




  1. Hi The weather is set to continue here for anothe 2 weeks at least & 33 deg C forecast mid week. We are just back from a weeks cruising locally for Hospital app then off to Shotley WOA rally friday.
    Engine sorted jammed rack in injector pump.
    Do they charge to stay on a SXK bouy?
    Do you plan to sail back to UK this year ?
    best wishes enjoy
    Andy & carol

  2. Just beautiful, with this heat you are so lucky to be able to just dive off the boat!!!! and in such beautiful relaxing surroundings. Just into thunder storms to break this intense heat, hoorah! Yes quite envious.
    Continue to enjoy,
    Best wishes,

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