Almost no Marinas


We have managed to either pick up a buoy or anchor for five of the last seven nights so are feeling pleased with ourselves.  Leaving Nynashamn we went to an SXK buoy that we had picked up before,  We managed to see a Deer on the rocks this time which we hadn’t before.

having a scratch

and about to disappear.

This was the view looking out towards Oja with the lighthouse at Landsort in the distance.

This was our destination the next day but needless to say not as straight a route, lots of rocks in the way.  We could see boats leaving in the morning so set off then and picked up a stern buoy.  We knew this was going to be a busy mooring, this picture shows the end boat waiting for someone else to leave so they could take their spot, they’re tied up nose in to two other boats.

We had about two feet between us and the boat on our left and we could see a boat looking to push in and he did, we were amazed.  We had thought of taking the bikes down to the lighthouse but it was just too exciting watching the antics in the harbour.

It was difficult to capture just how busy the harbour was.  This was just one half of it.

We did go for a brief walk round, this was the rear of one of the half dozen holiday cottages/sheds around the harbour,

quite well equipped.

Monday we set off for Fifang where again we’d been before, this was a ship on the way.

The anchorage was less busy than before which was surprising as we’re getting to peak holiday season now.

From Fifang we went to Lakka, where we picked up an SXK buoy and had been before.  We hadn’t expected it to be free and had just poked our nose in to see, having intended going elsewhere, but you can’t turn down a free buoy.  Only one other boat joined us, anchoring just ahead of us.  The next day was even more deserted, yet another SXK buoy, at a place called Hartso, we didn’t see anyone else all day.  This is the rock to the side of the buoy.

Next day we sailed to Ringson which has a number of linked bays all protected from the winds, it was really attractive, this is the view as we arrived

and later in the day

busier but still not that busy, this was just one of the bays.

Some of the trees almost looked autumnal.

This morning we spotted this attractive bird box on the way out

We are now in Oxelosund, this was the view towards the town on passage

It’s much nicer than it looks, it’s a steel town.

This is the view from the front of our boat

but this is the view behind which is much nicer.

We took this picture early this afternoon, it’s a lot busier now but still nowhere need as full as you’d expect for the time of year.

We walked into town to do food shopping, this was a nice sign

that I’m not sure you’d see unless you were walking from the marina to town.  This was a strange looking building, obviously recent as it has 2014 on it but can’t imagine the purpose.

Little train that went to the marina and other tourist spots,

lots of these boats of flowers on the way in

and these random stones at various intervals.

Under a road bridge

We do like somewhere a bit different.  Finally the town square was very bland but I did like this fountain

reminded me of a swan.

We are moving on tomorrow, no idea where at the moment but let’s hope we can stay away from the crowds.


  1. That surprised me. I always pictured the Swedes moving from Longship to 1960 warships, I never gave a thought to what they had between times. Now I can see where fo’castle came from. What is a back castle called.
    At first sight I thought that was barbed wire protecting the bird-box, nature conservation with a capital K.
    The building I am sure is a very modern folly, much loved by the aristocrats of old for a bit of hanky-panky, I believe.
    I hope you have been learning Swedish, I like to be able to say hello and goodbye in as many languages as possible. So I’m looking forward to a very rapid lesson.
    Not quite ready for T.Curtis Esq. yet but just to show willing I’ll be wearing my kilt when we meet for lunch.
    Now do be careful up there, you must be near to the North Pole by now, keep a sharp lookout for icebergs.
    Have fun, stay safe.

  2. Still looking amazing Liz . Some lovely pictures . You are making fabulous memories . I think you have you winter job sorted, doing talks and pictures of your travels at local venues , libraries , halls etc . Wonderful xxx

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