Nynashamn yet again


We’re back here much sooner than expected, they had said Martin’s glasses would take 10 days to a fortnight but we got the email yesterday to say they were ready, so here we are again.

We set off on Tuesday as the wind had dropped, us and everyone else in the marina.  Here is the view behind us.


We anchored in the evening in a bay that wasn’t too busy there was just us and another boat plus these yachts tied against the rocks.

We were opposite this house being built

and the entrance to the Dragets Kanal.

We had come a different route to the anchorage and this boat seemed to hesitate for quite a while before deciding to go for it.  We’ve seen pictures of it and it is definitely only one boat wide.

We had our own narrow entrances to contend with on Wednesday, this was a short cut we took.


This is after we’d been through, fortunately it was wider and deeper than it looked from the entrance.   This one though was definitely narrow,

another view of the buoys,

definitely only one boat wide and round a blind corner.  Fortunately no-one else was coming the other way.  Although once we were through and waiting for this swing bridge

this trip boat appeared through the same gap.  Don’t know what we were worried about.

We anchored the next two nights off a small island, Fifang.  Not too busy on Wednesday but last night there were sixteen boats.

One of the benefits of this anchorage was the ice cream boat.

They also sold fruit and bread and came round both days we were there.

We were able to dinghy ashore and go for a walk on a marked path, the island was a nature reserve.  Here’s Martin, studying the route.

and here’s where we turned back

The cattle were behind an electrified fence, here’s the battery to prove it.

Today we have motored back to Nynashamn, picked up the glasses and are ready to set off again first thing tomorrow, hopefully another nice anchorage.

We’ll try and keep away from the Swedes tomorrow afternoon, might be difficult bearing in mind where we are.


  1. I liked the picture of you being chased out. Which of the boats had you actually upset?
    You are just trying to tempt me into making a comment about Martin and navving, well I just refuse!
    Do the ice cream boats play those irritating chimes that always set my teeth on edge.
    Caught me on the canal reference, there I was thinking it was going to look something like the Grantham.
    As always; thanks for the posts; stay well; enjoy yourselves.

  2. Nearly forgot, does that mean you are predicting that we win.
    Shame that, I got a good price on Sweden winning by five goals.

    Returning to my cruising. I fancy dressing up like Tony Curtis in some like it hot but I can’t find where to get a cap. I thought Mr Sartorial Sailor there could offer some advice.

  3. Hi Derek, the ice cream boats are very nice, very attactive sales people 🙂
    We’ve got to win, it’s been a very long time. Ìt will be interesting us cheering in Sweden, we will take our Ensign down before we start just in case. Rain is forecast here tomorrow, that should be a good signal.
    If you promised to dress up as Tony Curtis, in public I bet I could find a hat.

  4. Thought of you when we were on holidays in Montenegro just over a week ago we were on the front of a speed boat in the choppy sea OMG I thought I was going to have a nose bleed thank goodness we are back on land. Hope the sea is not choppy for you …enjoy
    Ps quiz team members down to 8 in Grey Horse last week after new management we need you back

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