Nynashamn again

This is the third time we’ve been here, and we will be back again next week.  Lovely as it is we are looking forward to going somewhere else.

Last Wednesday we did what we always say we are going to do but rarely do, we went with the wind.  The wind was from the south so we sailed north and anchored off an island called Rano. This was the sunset that evening.


.The weather forecast wasn’t good for the next few days so we headed back to Nynashamn.  This is the walkway at the top  of the harbour where for some reason they have this collection of ducks.

Friday we went into the small town where we had a choice of three opticians, we went for Specsavers, I’d never realised that they weren’t just a British company.  Martin now has more glasses on order which is why we’ll be back next week.

The weather has continued to be incredibly windy, the German next door to us on Wednesday evening went out Thursday morning and was back in Friday afternoon.  We are sheltered in Nynashamn with an island the other side of the harbour and he said it was too windy once out into the larger expanse of sea.

Saturday we went for a walk along the coast, this was obviously very old.

This is a view from the beach,

and another view looking the other way. This is within the shelter of the island so looks relatively calm.

Boats have continued to go out, fortunately we’re not in a hurry so have been happy to shelter on the boat.  These are some boats we saw today,

doesn’t look that nice.

We have our hood up which protects us nicely from the wind and occasional rain.  We’re third from the left.

We are between metal poles, across from us there is a combination,

stern buoys and people ignoring the stern buoys and going alongside.  You will also notice the cruise ship in the distance, first we’ve seen this week, just turned up overnight and we guess will disappear around 6.

For variety we walked further to a supermarket today, Lidl, I think they should all have views like this from their car parks.

On this we have the cruise liner, ferry to Gotland which up to now we had thought was large and a yacht to put it in perspective.

This has appeared in the marina, they also had one at Vaxholm although we’re yet to see them in use.

A boat wash.

Hopefully the weather should start to settle tomorrow so we hope to be off and do a week’s touring before coming back again.


  1. I like that sunset, just like the one from my bedroom window looking toward RAF Newton. Only needs a Severn Trent windmill and a line of electricity pylons and they would be identical.
    Must get you equipped with some binoculars. Names of cruise ships are essential. We are going on one owned by Poo line or some such. Must ask your advice on what fashions I should wear for the cruise. Never thought I would venture on’t watter before a certain lunch at Gunthorpe.
    As always, stay safe but be sure to enjoy yourselves.

  2. Good to know Specsavers could help! 🙂
    Any chance of seeing you in Stockholm? (I’m actually going to Nynäshamn on Sat to see a friend who lives there!)
    All best – hope to see you soon!

  3. Glad to see you did the costal walk, we really enjoyed that. Hope the wind improves for you soon. Weather still beautiful here, everyone is complaining its too warm.

  4. Shame it’s too windy for you to move on Liz . As Catherine says it beautiful here , the type of weather you only need either sat on a beach or by a pool . Good that you have some of the old favourites to visit , Lidl and specsavers , at least your not having to suffer football 3 times a day 🙈🙈 take care and keep the tales coming xxx

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