A long week


Last time we posted we were planning to set off from Mariehamn on the Aland Islands on the 17th as the weather was due to deteriorate, unfortunately it got worse sooner than expected.  We set off and it was misty but as it was early we thought the sun would burn the mist off later.  We had fog all of the 24 miles back to Sweden, we’ve never been out in it for so long and it was, as you’d expect, damp and cold.

Visibility varied but we didn’t actually see the coast of Sweden until we were about 100 metres off and that went to brilliant sunshine immediately.  I’m not sure these next two pictures capture it.

They look as though it is a dark cloud in the distance but it is actually fog or a cloud on the sea in front of these islands.

We stopped on a buoy that night on the island of Arholma, this was the view towards one side

and this another view.

There were no cars on the island so everyone was catching this two hourly ferry back to the mainland at presumably the end of their weekend away. This is another view from our mooring, we didn’t go ashore but I think it was supposed to be a lookout tower.

As the promised deterioration in weather was about to arrive we did a short trip to the island of Graddo and moored in the marina.  Not a big place.

We were lucky to meet up with another British couple, Dave and Jeanette on Free Spirit, they had some really interesting stories to tell of their travels, done a lot of the Norwegian coast.

We saw these on the way to the supermarket, an interesting looking house,

and these in someone’s upstairs window.

Martin kindly took the ropes for a boat coming in Tuesday evening but unfortunately reached too far and fell in, which wouldn’t have mattered that much but his glasses also fell in.  Fortunately he has a spare pair but they are his prescription sunglasses so all future photos of him may look as though he constantly thinks the weather is sunny.

Could Wednesday be worse?  We had nipped to the supermarket again and when we got back the boat next to us had managed to unhook our rear ropes from the buoy on their way out which meant that nothing was holding us back from the pontoon.  Fortunately the boat on the other side did some emergency measures and was holding the boat off the pontoon manually until we arrived back.  It all got sorted and we set off around midday.  On the way, we heard Free Spirit call up a passing yacht so being nosy we listened in to their chat.  It was only Tom Cunliffe, here he is on his boat.

For those who don’t sail, he’s quite a well known yachting journalist.

We picked up a buoy at Fursund where we had stopped on the way up.

It was a bit busier this time.  Thursday we set of, it was a bit misty and after an hour it was getting mistier so having had the horrible experience on Sunday we decided to turn back to Fursund.  This time though the mist did clear so we should have carried on.  We were beginning to feel this wasn’t our week.  We stayed at Fursund until the Saturday as the weather was windy and rainy. Fursund was on the ferry and occasional cruise ship route. This was the largest cruise ship we saw.

What most impressed us was the massive screen on the top of the ship, this is what they were showing.

We saw this barge going somewhere on Saturday, they do have the strangest arrangements for moving things between islands.

Saturday was midsummer and we picked up a buoy off Norra Stavsudda, this is the view towards the shore

we had thought we were going to be in the middle of nowhere but it was quite a busy little harbour, the shop was behind this café and there was a constant stream of motor boats from other islands visiting.  We didn’t manage to get a picture but at one point four canoes came into sight with a dog on the back of one of the canoes, it fell in.  They managed to pick it up and get it to shore, it did not want to get back on that canoe so eventually they set off with one holding it in their arms, almost impossible to paddle.

We had seen a ferry go by at Fursund with trees on

and they had the odd boat here with similar decorations

Strangest sight though was this.

No idea how it could have got there?

Sunday we dropped anchor for the first time this year and we did have the spot to ourselves off Osterholmen, just rocks all around.

Yesterday we picked up a buoy again off the island of Runmaro, we had been here before with Catherine and Adem.  A lot less busy this time but a new addition, a sauna.

Today we have arrived in Nynashamn where we have been before, topped up with fuel, water and food after quite a few nights either on a buoy or at anchor.  We have yet to decide where we are going next.

Hope you’re enjoying the heatwave we keep reading about, not quite so warm here.



  1. What a fascinating trip with some oddities on the way! and of course only travelling with the best!! Hope that you do not have too much more fog and yes the sun is lovely 😊😄😆

  2. Hi Liz & Martin we are really enjoying your posts with pics, a real travelogue ! Shame about glasses and weather but you have faired better than last season should think. We’ve just tied up in southwold and had been discussing you both when we all did woa reckon about 5 years ago. We’ve been going back and forwards between home and boat not ventured very far. You mixing in good company with Tom Cunliffe!!! Hope get glasses sorted bet they could get your prescription made up there. BFN Hilary

  3. Well done the two of you, I was traumatized driving two miles in a pea-souper in 1958.
    If you are going to drop names I nearly spoke to Sir Robin K-J in Falmouth the other week but the queue was too long and I got fed up.
    You must remember that Post Office Telephones was a much superior organisation than BT. They could do anything, anyway that’s what my Grandad said about when he worked for them.
    Stay safe, keep on enjoying yourselves.
    Looking forward to lunch in November.

  4. Talking about trees on boats. Was it Cagney or Bogart who played a Captain who was fanatical about a Palm tree on his bridge.
    I digress. Too much Italian wine speaking.

  5. Sounds like a week of unfortunate events. At least your safe and no one was hurt. Hopefully the lovely weather will head your way x

  6. What an eventful week for you! Hope Martin enjoyed his dip! Same old, same old here, sunbathing, sipping beer in the garden, watching the dog chasing the birds, occasionally painting the garden furniture and tidying the shrubbery!Busy week for us next week with my Dad visiting and the next week to recover!Looking forward to your next installment.

  7. Hi Just back home from our round Britain cruise (on a Ship “COLUMBUS” weather very warm dry & sunny. back to reality now.
    Injector pump rack jammed on Falcon had to sail into Titchmarsh !!
    New injector pump £1200 plus vat.
    Love your blogs keep them coming.

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