On our cruise

The cruise is underway

A week in Germany

We have been to Fehmarn, launched the boat, set it up, everything out of the car and then we did exactly the reverse. Unfortunately Liz has had problems recently because of two compressed discs in her spine which are trapping her sciatic nerve,  we had hoped that she would be able to manage but it […]

Back in Germany

We stayed in Malmo for a week whilst we were waiting for Catherine and Adem to arrive in Copenhagen because it has excellent facilities and we like the town.  On the Saturday we took the train to Copenhagen, we wanted to go over the bridge that connects the two towns rather than always sailing under […]

Last stops in Sweden

From the island of Hano we travelled to Ahus, which was a river mooring.  This is the view towards the entrance. We moored on the town side but there was a ferry that went between the two banks, I think calling itself a ferry line seems a bit ambitious.  We could tell from the decorations […]

Islands and the mainland

Although we’ve mostly been in marinas for the past fortnight we have struggled to get WIFI so this is a slightly longer post than usual. Last time we posted we were in Oskarshamn, this is a view of the town from the boat, and this of the marina as we were leaving, it was quite […]


We have spent only three of the last eleven nights in a marina, unfortunately it’s very difficult to take interesting pictures of the same old rocks and trees.  Although for us every location is unique and beautiful.  This picture was taken on the way to our first stop on the 22nd, it’s not a real […]

A quiet week

  We’ve managed to pick up four buoys and anchor once again this week.  Much nicer than being in a marina.  For those who haven’t seen one, this is an SXK buoy, always blue. This is the view from the buoy we picked up Saturday, same old rocks and trees. We had one other boat […]

Almost no Marinas

  We have managed to either pick up a buoy or anchor for five of the last seven nights so are feeling pleased with ourselves.  Leaving Nynashamn we went to an SXK buoy that we had picked up before,  We managed to see a Deer on the rocks this time which we hadn’t before. having […]

Nynashamn yet again

  We’re back here much sooner than expected, they had said Martin’s glasses would take 10 days to a fortnight but we got the email yesterday to say they were ready, so here we are again. We set off on Tuesday as the wind had dropped, us and everyone else in the marina.  Here is […]

Nynashamn again

This is the third time we’ve been here, and we will be back again next week.  Lovely as it is we are looking forward to going somewhere else. Last Wednesday we did what we always say we are going to do but rarely do, we went with the wind.  The wind was from the south […]

A long week

  Last time we posted we were planning to set off from Mariehamn on the Aland Islands on the 17th as the weather was due to deteriorate, unfortunately it got worse sooner than expected.  We set off and it was misty but as it was early we thought the sun would burn the mist off […]