Back home

The boat was lifted out yesterday and we are currently staying in an apartment whilst Martin finishes all the out of water jobs for the winter. We catch the ferry home tomorrow evening. Last time we posted we were leaving Flensburg, from there we anchored at the mouth of the estuary overnight and then sailed […]


We are now back in Germany, currently in Flensburg which is the most northerly city in Germany. Last time we posted on the blog we were on Agerso, a small island.  Before we left on the 26th, there was a wedding party clambering over the rocks around the harbour for photos, not as easy as it […]

Stuck in Stubbekobing

Yet again we seem to have had a protracted stay somewhere.  This time, because of the weather, we were in Stubbekobing for five nights. We left Malmo on the 15th, travelling  under the Oresound bridge which is the link between Copenahgen and Malmo. We went to Dragor, so back in Denmark again.  Dragor is just […]


We have been here since last Wednesday,  when we arrived we found we had water in the bilges and it appears to have been coming from the exhaust silencer which had cracked.  So a new silencer was ordered but it has taken until today, Monday to arrive.  It seems to have sorted the problem but […]


We have been on the island of Ven for the past few days as the weather has been extremely windy.  Ven is a Swedish island in the Oresund.  It is about half way between Helsingor and Copenhagen and also half way between Sweden and Denmark.  It is only a small island, about 150 permanent residents. but […]

In Denmark, for now

Friday and we left Grotvik and headed south towards Torekov, a short run of around three hours. We had been here before in May on our northerly leg, it was a lot busier on this visit and more expensive. Still good value giving the facilities and free washing machine which we again made big use […]

Nearly back in Denmark

Stenungsund, where we posted from last time, is a very industrial town.  There is a big gas plant there.  We looked up a ship leaving there on AIS and it was heading for Marcus Hook in Pensylvania to pick up shale gas and return to Sweden, we couldn’t get a decent picture ourselves but Google Navigator Aurora […]


Last Tuesday we had hoped to be on a buoy for the next couple of nights, we’ve excelled ourselves and managed a whole week of them.  The first one was the busiest with 29 motor boats, 4 SXK buoys and lots of boats anchored.  This is just a couple of pictures We knew July would […]

Back in Sweden

We have had a week exploring the west coast of the Oslo fjord and just touched on the south side of Norway.  Because we hadn’t originally planned to come this way we only had charts up to Gothenburg originally.  We were able to get the ones we needed for the rest of the west coast […]