Our final post, this year

The boat is safely out of the water and Martin is just doing the final laying up tasks.  We have had a wonderful summer, even better than anticipated and can’t wait to be back next year.  Thank you for all your comments and for staying in touch.  We hope to catch up with most of […]

Been home, back in Bergtiefe

We’ve now been home, collected a car and driven back to the boat at Bergtiefe on Fehmarn. An uneventful journey back home, no delays and we even managed to catch an earlier train from Luton as the Easy Jet flight was on time 🙂 I had to replace the car battery before returning as it had […]

Back in Germany

We are now in Fehmarn, we are leaving the boat here next week and flying home via Hamburg to pick up the car.  We will decide whether to continue sailing for a couple more weeks when we return on Friday, depends on the forecast.  When we were here before we stayed at Burgstaaken, this time we […]


We ended up staying  in Helsingore until Wednesday, on Saturday we visited the national maritime museum which was built underground around the sides of an old dry dock, it was interesting but not a patch on Greenwich.  There are pictures of it here, it looks impressive but the quality of the walkways was poor with […]


We only stayed in Copenhagen for the one night as we wanted to move onto Helsingor which is our most northerly stop, we will be returning south from here towards Fehmarn where we plan to leave the boat over winter. We will see Copenhagen again next week, most probably stopping in the same marina although […]

We are in Copenhagen

We arrived in Copenhagen today after a 30 mile sail up from Rodvig, very little wind but we were doing around 6k for a lot of the time due to a little tail wind and the favourable northbound Baltic current. We arrived in the large marina near the airport and just as we were pulling […]

Not much WiFi

We are getting very little usable WiFi  recently so just a quick update. We are in Rodvig and hope to be in Copenhagen later today. Weather has moderated to no wind but lovely blue skies. A further update  later today or tomorrow. Martin & Liz

Mixed Weather

We had a lovely day to explore Nyborg and a quiet berth for the day We visited the castle first, it does look more like a house than a castle but it is all that remains of the original building and there is still restoration work in progress Monkeys seem to be everywhere         […]

Island hopping

Before we left Juelsminde, which was on Jylland, we were treated to an exercise from their emergency services.  We had heard the police / fire engine / ambulance sirens in the town and presumed their had been an accident.  We then saw a helicopter circling low over the marina before it landed on the beach, […]

Cold and Windy in Denmark

A cold and windy day yesterday. This is our wind instrument at 1730 yesterday, bbrrrr ;( Wind just blew into the harbour all day. For non sailors, that is over 36mph This is taken looking aft from our boat A bit better today, we will go for a walk and leave tomorrow as the forecast is a […]